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Happy Mind is here because I want you to overcome your anxiety and move past your fears and struggles.


Trust me - I know what it feels like to have a mind that stops you from doing the things you really want to do! Thoughts that take over and you just cannot gain back control! With my coaching, we will work together to plan your sessions; digging deep to understand what you need and structuring your sessions to make sure we cover all of it!

You don't have to feel like this and there is a way out - I know it!

Contact me and book your free 30-minute discovery call to get planning your sessions and talking about the life you want to lead – that is the easiest way to take positive action today.

One to One 90 minute sessions

Before we begin working together;

  • 30-minute discovery call to discuss your needs and journey 

  • We will create a personalised plan of what we will cover and the order which works best for you

  • I will offer my advice on how our sessions will work best and how to structure our sessions to get the most from them

  • Access to free resources

Once we begin the sessions you can expect; 

  • A chance to practice tools discussed and put them into action together

  • Weekly target setting for the time in-between our sessions

  • Email communication with me

  • Access to my Facebook community to reinforce positive mind-set

  • Realistic and hands on strategies to support you in overcoming your individual challenges  

  • Follow up tasks, enabling you to maintain momentum for when our sessions finish

Your 6 sessions will be planned and structured during our discovery call.

This programme works best when;

  • You want to work on 1 deep rooted mental barrier or experience and want to dedicate appropriate time to working through it with purpose and intention.

  • Have 2 issues that you want to work through with my support and we can split the sessions to focus on both areas.

This is a great programme for you to get started, gain momentum and get your self development journey ball rolling, as well as establish what your real needs are for moving forward in a positive way.

£750 (saving £150)

Similarly, to the 6 sessions format, you can choose the structure that would work best for you. 

This is a programme I would suggest to you if;

  • You want continued support and contact throughout your self-development journey, on a longer term basis

  • Have several aspect of your mind-set and emotional wellbeing that you would like to develop in depth

  • If you would like to be held account on a regular basis and feel that connection will benefit you long term

£1,200 (saving £300) 

Specialised Anxiety Booster

3 sessions focussed solely on your anxiety journey and to get you started on your self development journey.

This 3 sessions will give you the very basics for your anxiety and how to begin to manage it long term.

We will work on triggers, relationships and their impact and specific techniques personalised for your experiences.

If you know anxiety takes a real hold on your life you may want to book this booster, alongside a 6 or 10 session programme to focus on other mind-set work you need.

All of these options will be discussed during our discovery call together.


After our free discovery call, we can arrange payment via bank transfer or PayPal and will be sent over to you with your contract and session plan outline.

What Next?


This is a positive follow up session based around celebrating your successes and acknowledging your progress so far. 

A way for you to share your experiences and hold yourself to account by discussing the amazing results and outcomes on your life. 

We will use this session to create a productive plan moving forward and your next step action plan.

You can book this at any point during our time together, after one

90-minute session or any of the bundles. 

It works best after we have worked together and given you time to grow and develop. 

This session is based around how to keep this positive, happy mind-set in your life consistently, how to deal with hurdles you may face and how to remain focussed on your current state of mind. 

Pro-active and productive session aimed to enhance your new found mind-set and get it working at its best for you.


Tailor Made Packages

Pick and choose the aspects you would like based on your journey and self-development goals, these are all personal and different for each individual.


One examples to highlight why clients would choose to tailor make their time with me;

  • Six sessions – for in depth self-development and growth and time to focus on each aspect 

  • One momentum booster – to create focus and keep our intention and action aligned 

  • One refresher – for encouragement and advice for next steps 

£ = 



You are committed to re-writing your journey

Are willing to do the self – reflections and personal work to see big changes 

Have the ambition to create a better future for yourself 

Can be honest about who you are, where you have come from and where you want to get to

Have the patience to allow yourself time to develop and are willing to dedicate the time to this process needs

Are willing to communicate outside of session times for individual feedback and progress updates 

Can commit to showing up for yourself







Open minded 

Your biggest support