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Would you like to spend the day with me here?


full day of coaching with just you and me, rolling 3 months of 1;1 calls into 1 full day, in person experience. 

We will focus on 4 key areas (of your choice) around your mindset, business & success - and all that that means for you right now.

During this day of 1;1 coaching we will also;

  • Take photos to use on your social media accounts and for content

  • Enjoy afternoon tea and a glass of champagne

  • Take walks around the grounds to spark creativity and flow

  • Change locations of our sessions around the grounds 

  • Enjoy refreshments and snacks when needed during our time together

Basically be treated like the queen that you are!

Time - 10am - 4pm 

Location - Coworth Park, Ascot


Food options - they cater for gluten free, vegan and vegetarian afternoon tea and all still unbelievably tasty, just let me know when we confirm your date. 


Ideas of topics covered;

*Business planning for the next 6 months

*Creating financial goals and breakdowns for your business

*Planning launches of new products or services

*Content creation & scheduling

*Money mindset

*Self confidence and self worth 


The list goes on - you choose your 4 topics, and I plan your VIP day accordingly. 


Dates - discussed individually on our call or messages.


Payment - made within 24 hours of confirming our day together, as I confirm with the venue as early as possible to ensure we get the best table for our afternoon tea together. 


Message me now for more information - I cant fricking wait to spend the day with you!

Details about your VIP day: