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Business Coaching and Mentoring Clients

Cristina Journey;


  • Overcoming anxiety with showing up 

  • Overcoming anxiety at work and in the workplace

  • Creating and launching her business from scratch

  •  Creating and launching Instagram and gained over 400 followers organically 

  •  Learning how to show up consistently on Instagram

  •  Getting her first client in her first month of being an official business 

  • Launched your first freebie online

  • Got a promotion and raise in her salary – twice!

  • Written your first group coaching programme

  • Mapped out your first year of business with launches, content, messaging 

  • Nailing your ideal client and how to talk to them 

  • Using social media to reach out to potential clients and generate leads

  • Started her email list and used systems to create her first opt in and lead magnet 

  • Gaining consistent clients over the past 6 months (with 2 more due to start in January 2020!) 

  • Doing her first ever live on social media 

  • Created her branding, logo and message for the business

  • Shifted her money mindset around investing in business AND in charging for services with confidence and ease 

  • Learning how to show up and deliver a discovery call that coverts leads into clients 

  •  Time management with working on her business, social media, content creation and planning ahead for showing up 

Faith's journey;

  • Shows up on social media without the fear of judgement

  • Built a personal brand on social media

  • Launched bespoke workshops around her area in different studios

  • Connecting and collaborating with business owners to put herself out there in her business

  • Gained 1:1 coaching clients

  • Run her own workshops as a business owner

  • Studio owners are now reaching out to book Faith for her sessions and workshops, without her promoting first

  • Grown your social media following on Instagram and business page

  • Had a professional branding photo shoot to up level her brand and business message

  • Created marketing material to continue to get her business out there

  • Invested in events to continue to up level your knowledge and expertise

  • Became a guest speaker at to yoga and wellness exhibitions

  • Became a contributor with her own stool at a wellness exhibition

  • Launched a new class in new locations

  • Created a brand-new schedule for classes that works around her – not others

  • Reframed her mindset to become the CEO of her business and be ready to expand that in her future

  • Launched and run your cooking tutorials for 1:1 clients

Sams journey;

  • Launch squeak and shout as a business

  • Launched 3 paid webinars

  • Brought in 4 figures of investment from 3 webinars

  • Launched your 1;1 coaching programme

  • Coached and coaching 6 1:1 client in her business – to date Nov 19’

  • Launched 3 mini trainings for her clients to leverage her business in the first year

  • Coached over 10 clients through her personalised mini trainings

  • Re-designed and recreated her business website

  • Grown social media accounts

  • Using Instagram daily to engage with ideal clients AND convert clients

  • Goes live weekly on Instagram for live trainings (when this used to be a fear)

  • Launched her YouTube channel to scale her business and use as a platform for driving traffic to sales and community

  • Became a public speaker for an event in her niche & sold over £1,000 worth of products at that event

  • Started to grow and create an email list of engaged, ideal clients

  • Created an outreach strategy to grow her business

  • Overcome limiting beliefs around being seen, showing up and selling

  • Increased her prices twice in the 9-month period

  • Learnt to launch effectively for business success and maximising sales opportunities

  • Became a successful business owner of 2 businesses!!

  • Become a service-based business, as well as owning a product-based business

  • Created a solid brand, message and target audience for your business

  • Sam has now independently created a 2020 plan for her business, including launching, forecasting sales, next steps for her business and her clients and content creation to leverage to sales

Sarah’s Journey;


  • Found confidence in your niche

  • Tried and tested ideas and found what works for her

  • Got present on social media and created a presence from lives, stories and posts

  • Created and built a website that matches her personality and messaging

  • Launched your first online programme and relaunched it for a second time

  • Launched your first free meditation download and uploaded it to her website

  • Created and grown a new email list organically

  • Reshaped your business model to work for you

  • Taken HUGE leaps in your first business to allow more growth in this business

  • Created free resources and downloadable for your community

  • Launched a Facebook group

  • Created and launched business Facebook page

  • Re-branded her Instagram and continues to grow organically

  • Leveraging Instagram for sales for first business

  • Gained qualifications to support her business in hypnotherapy and NLP

  • Attended live events and networked with new people

  • Mapped out a £3k launch for November 2019

In the past 6 months Brie has;


  • Identified her niche and target market

  • Created a Facebook group

  • Learned to use canva for visual messaging & branding

  • Created and launched her website

  • Started your blog and documenting your journey

  • Run your first live challenge in her group

  • Grown her group to 80 women organically

  • Planned and launched a free series online

  • Planned and mapped out her next launch!

  • Attending networking events

  • Had her first public speaking engagement and promoted her group

  • Took part in an online summit and planned an amazing session to deliver

  • Started showing up online

  • Going live with confidence on social media

  • Had over 10 calls with potential clients & discovery calls

  • Learned a follow up strategy

  • Learned how to create messaging that connects with her community

  • Ran an online workshop and collaborated with another coach

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 3.25.39 PM.png

Anna is amazing women who is full of love, and after working together here are some of the INCREDIBLE things she has achieved;



Created a Facebook group – with 40 women already

Created a consistent Instagram grid and content and increased engagement (and double her following!)

Created 2 free offers

Created 2 E-Book’s

Booked discovery calls and got people on the phone!

Created a launch strategy for your 1st paid workshop

Done 2 live series in the group

Go live regularly on Instagram and Facebook

Narrowed down your niche

Adding a blog to the website

Adding packages and coaching to the website

Started to create a long-term plan for 2019

Worked through how to manage clients and create boundaries

Create a business that works for you as a person

Create and organised a free E-Book with other coaches and put it together, formatted, edited, and promoted and over 50 women downloaded already!!

Reduce overwhelm around your business and ideas


I asked Anna to describe our time together in 1 sentence and here is what she said;


"Working with Sam is like building your business out in the sunshine (instead of inside in the gloom), with strong support that enables you to build a solid foundation for your entrepreneurial journey."

In 6 months of working together Heather;


Created a logo, business name & brand that was just perfect for her!

Launched her Facebook group 

Ran her first 5 day free challenge in her group 

Launched her Instagram & now posts every single day 

Shares a top tip of the day in her insta stories (huge progress for Heather) 

Booked 5 discovery calls after her free challenge 

Created her website!

Launched her coaching programmes & prices to align with her mission 

Had a photo shoot with her hubby (something I do all the time!!)
Booked 2 clients ready to have their lives transformed by Heather!

Has a 3 month action plan moving forward

Delivered a workshop on self confidence in her local area 


The list goes on! But this lady now has a business, a brand, an authentic message, a beautiful website, products & pricing, a growing community, a voice online - start up business coaching programme.... a huge success for this rock star!! 

Group Coaching Clients

Working with me 1:1

"Investing in coaching has changed my life. Without being dramatic. It has changed everything for me. Sam made me feel the confidence and love I had stopped giving myself for so long. My anxiety was explained in a way that I know longer felt overwhelmed constantly and now actually felt like I had real and genuine answers. Sam was understanding, open and honest with me, which is something I had lacked with any support I had had for my anxiety before. I will 100% work with Sam again and feel like I have the tools and techniques to overcome my anxiety, rather than my anxiety control me. Something I never thought I’d say!"

"Before I came across Sam’s Fb group, I never even knew what coaching was. As soon as I connect with Sam on a live – I knew I needed what she was offering! Have 90 minute phone calls, once a week, was priceless. We planned out my sessions together, planned what I needed and how Sam could help me – and honestly, she really has! I am now in control of my anxiety, and better than that, it no longer takes over my relationships or stops me doing what I want. I feel calmer, happier and much more confident in myself. Sam and her 1;1 coaching is beyond amazing – you MUST do it. If anxiety hampers you, as much as it did me – she is your lady!!"

"She is AMAZING! To find and connect with someone so honest, friendly and truly genuine – I never thought I'd feel so safe to talk about my anxiety with someone. But with Sam, she became a friend, a support and someone I wanted to share my struggles, but also my successes with. She would reply between calls, be there for me and coach me to a place I never thought id get to. For so many years my anxiety was in charge, totally took over everything. Now – it is well and truly in its place!! Thank you Sam – you are literally amazing!"

Working with me – group workshops

"Loved my workshop with Sam! Her knowledge & energy blows me away! I love how she fully interacted with each of us throughout and the tasks she presented us with, made me dig deep in having the right mindset & deal with issues I had within myself! Thanks Sam!!!"

"Joining the workshop with Sam was a positive experience, Sam gives you access to strategies to develop and reflect on yourself in a way that allows you learn something about yourself you probably never realised,  these strategies are  accessible, genuine and unique to Sam which makes it a thought provoking experience. It gave me the prod to start tackling my anxiety and challenge my behaviour to enable me to move forward in my life."

"I love the way that Sam has run this workshop, all of the activities, the constant support and her relatable experiences has made it so useful for my personal development. I find myself doing the tasks which she has set on a daily basis now and they are really helping my overall mindset for the better. Her energy is infectious and her authenticity is so refreshing. Thank you Sam and I can't wait for the next one and to see where I will be next with my development with your help."

"Most recently I signed up for the online Positive Habits & Mindset Workshop which I thoroughly enjoyed and felt I got so much from it, i.e.; looking specifically which areas of my life need attention; taking stock of who I really have a connection with on social media; clearing out possessions that no longer serve me; positive self talk; mindset coaching tips; using visualisation tools to stay positive."