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October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 12, 2018

October 5, 2018

September 21, 2018

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Thinking Big Enough?

October 22, 2018

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Leaving The 9-5

October 22, 2018


Right – THIS is something I am BEYOND passionate about. 

If you have followed me, are part of my group or just been here since the beginning, you will know that when I first started A Happy Mind I was a full-time secondary school teacher, working 10-hour days Monday to Friday. 


One evening at around 11pm I decided to start an Instagram account for positivity and force myself to remember the good in life and what it has to offer. I was beginning to fill run down by the routine of the life I had (although I was great!) and just find myself thinking ‘is this it now forever?’


The Instagram quickly reached 1,000 followers and I began A Happy Mind Facebook group. I would go live every Friday at 5.30 and every Sunday at 3.30pm. 

On Fridays I would rush out of school at 3.25 (without eating my cake from the staff room!) get home, jump in the shower, blow dry and straighten my hair, put make up on and sit on my living room floor, with my phone propped on our wingback arm chair and go live. Every week, without fail. 

I wouldn’t start my weekend or make plans that started before 6.30pm because showing up in my group was really important to me. 


For the first year of my business, whilst being fully booked with clients, launching a successful podcast, publishing a bestselling book, growing my group to over 1.5 thousand members, writing website insights like this one – I still worked 10-12 hour days Monday to Friday! 


I know first-hand, how hard it can be to do both and I know the amount of effort, time and energy you will HAVE to put into your business, to truly make it the success you deserve. 


With all of that being said, people used to ask me ‘why don’t you just quit your job now?’ but I couldn’t, I had a huge role of responsibility and morally it just wouldn’t have been right to leave before the school year was out, so I didn’t. 

But when the time was right, I cut my hours, reduced my work load and have made a gradual phasing out – still dedicating more time to my business than ever before and having the most amazing assistant as part of the Happy Mind team. 


My advice to anyone in that transition from 9-5 to full time girl boss is this;


  • Never doubt the abundance you can create when you have the time, space and energy to do so

  • Working for yourself, doesn’t mean working even more hours than you did for someone else, it means working the hours that suit you and your energy

  • You must allow yourself time off – because if you can’t run the show, the show won’t go on, there is no team behind you that can fill in and cover, so take care of you! 

  • Be brave and take intentional risks that will allow you to grow and be stretched in your business 

  • Make sure your business excites you and you are thinking of your great mission, not just the small things and money – your business isn’t about money, its about impact and THIS is key to your long-term success

  • Do what sets your soul on fire but make sure you have strategy to support you along the way – clarity and purpose are vital in knowing where your business is going and what you need to do to get it there 


If you are unsure about whether to leave your 9-5 – GET IN TOUCH! I’ve been there, gone back and forth, doubted the decision and taken the plunge, so I get it! I want to help make sure you are serving your greatest purpose and feel supporting in that process. 

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