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October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 12, 2018

October 5, 2018

September 21, 2018

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Thinking Big Enough?

October 22, 2018

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Big Fish vs Little Fish

October 22, 2018


Are you trying to be the big fish in a small pond or the small fish in a big pond?

This mindset is key for your personal growth but also your business growth. 


Here is how I see it;


Your first year of business is something like this;

(If you resonate with this – comment or message me, because I love to know that I am on the same page as all of you!)


  • Trying to be seen

  • Getting yourself out there

  • Saying yes to everything

  • Showing up all the time

  • Constantly creating new content

  • Trying to sell yourself and show your worth

  • Focussing on getting clients, getting people to pay you and turning this into a business

  • Being bold and attempting things because you think you need to

  • Hoping things work out and trying your best to stay positive and motivated

  • Probably burning the candle at both ends a little to keep your visibility up

  • Getting yourself spread on social media and noticed by people that you didn’t already know, or weren’t friends of friends

  • Trying to become the big fish and be known as the expert in your field


This effort to become the big fish in a small pond and get yourself seen and on a platform of knowledge is totally ok and something any successful modern-day entrepreneur will need to do to grow their business and be able to leverage that business.

When you’re starting out, people don’t know who you are, why they should trust or believe you and what makes you the person they should connect with and work with, so becoming the big fish in a little pond is a GREAT starting point. 

And, if nothing else, it gives you somewhere to grow and evolve from. 


BUT – the key is to not stay in this little pond for too long or you will start to cap your own progress and growth without even realising.

Once you have found your feet, established a business that is successful and makes you happy, you no longer want to be the smartest person in the room anymore! THIS is moving into year 2 and beyond. 


Now you know you can do more

You are ready for a new challenge in the business

Your zest for growth and expansion lingers

You know in yourself that it’s time to up-level but how?

You find yourself drawn to hugely successful people and aspire to be there 

You’re ready to become the small fish in the exciting big pond! 


THIS Is where the real business work begins, and you can take yourself to a level you never knew possible – and it is only possible, because you became a big fish in a little pond first!


  • Start going to the events that used to scare you

  • Connect with people that you used to watch and follow at the start

  • Raise your prices

  • Hire an assistant 

  • Investigate a new platform to show up on 

  • Look into passive income streams

  • Start learning something new

  • Hire a more expensive coach

  • Join a more high-profile mastermind or course

  • Pitch to companies and magazines to feature you and connect


Start to become the small fish in the big pond and learn from the best – this is the best type of up-levelling and truly shows you what life can be like when you challenge yourself and take some intentional risks.

You want to become the least experience person in the room – that way, the only way is to learn, to grow and to enrich your mind with new ideas and exciting opportunities. 


Don’t stay a big fish for too long my lovely, go out there and grow! 

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