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October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 12, 2018

October 5, 2018

September 21, 2018

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Thinking Big Enough?

October 22, 2018

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When no-one is engaging in your group...

October 13, 2018

As a social media influencer, cultivating community is HUGE, but it does take time and strategy to do this properly. 


Your community become your vital family and you need to treat them like you would your actual friends and family - because they are real people too! 


In my group I have an engagement rate that is HIGHER than the number of people actually in the group and I want to break down a few ways I achieve this with you;


1. I delete members from the group that are no longer active on Facebook. 

YES - I remove members! 

Every few months I will go through my members and anyone that is now black (not blue) shows that their name and account is no longer in use, so I will remove them. 

You don't want high numbers in your group, of accounts that aren't open or relevant because this will effect your engagement rates and algorithm. 


2. I go live at the same time each week. 

YES - I do WEEKLY lives! 

Your community need to know you are thinking of them and with them as often as you can be - that is why they are in YOUR group, to learn and connect with YOU. So you need to show up and they need to know when this will be. 


3. I ask them questions about THEMSELVES.

Polls are a great way to connect with your community and learn about them. So every few weeks, do a poll asking them a question about them and their lives or interests, it is a great way to spark conversation and get to know your community even better. 


4. Tag people in posts. 

If they are in your group but don't want to hear from you, they will soon leave your group and that is what you want! You want your community to be filled with people that want to be there and want to hear from you. 

So if you do a post, a live or a poll and you want to get people connecting with you, tag them and ask them what they think or tell them you want to hear from them! 

This lets them know that you are thinking of them too - we all want to know we matter. 


5. Give. 

You have to give your community support, and what they need. Your group is not a place to just sell sell sell, it has to be a place that you provide answers, solutions and help for the struggles they are facing - hence why they are in your group. 

Free print outs, live trainings, visual reminders, constant interaction - you have to be giving to your community and providing them with the support they need from your - this is also how you will grow your business and clients, because these people will trust you and want to learn more from you - because you are always giving to them with the genuine intention of helping them. THIS is what potential clients want from you. 


6. Show up often.

You need to be commenting on posts, connecting with your community regularly, answering questions, posting new pictures and information - you need to be the face of your group and the one people can clearly see runs the community. This also shows your presence and commitment to the group, for any new members that join each week. 


7. Ask them what they want.

Don't create content without checking that it is what your community need or this will turn them off. 

You have to create content that you know they need and want, this will increase engagement and also allow your community to know that you are always listening to them and wanting to meet their needs - not your own. Your group is not for you, it is for your community. 


8. Persistence. 

You have to keep going. Community and trust take time - you can't create your group and in 3 weeks expect it to have hundreds of people in there and all connecting, you have to build this up over time and be there showing up regularly. Don't give up - this will be so fruitful for you and your business, as well as your online presence, if you keep showing up and being seen. 


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