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October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 12, 2018

October 5, 2018

September 21, 2018

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Thinking Big Enough?

October 22, 2018

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Reduce Anxiety In Your Home

August 31, 2018

This is something that I get asked about a lot. When you live with another person, whether that be your children, partner or friend, the dynamics of the house hold environment change to when you may live on your own.


When you share space with other people it becomes much more evident when someone is having a bad day, not feeling themselves and it can also be much harder to avoid being asked about it and others checking in on you. 


Anxiety is something that shows up in many households and people struggle to know what to do or say when this shows up on a regular basis. 


I am going to share 3 simple tips that can help reduce anxiety in the home and prevent someone from experiencing anxiety frequently, and to a level that takes over. 


Create structure 

For me and my husband this was a game changer. As soon as I felt that there was structure, I knew when he would be working late, he knew when I was working late and had calls. It made worrying about the little things go away and that made me feel much more secure in our home, just simply knowing what to expect from that week. 

I would highly recommend having a plan and structure to your household and making sure everyone can sing from the same sheet. 

A shared calendar, a kitchen calendar, a Sunday sit down to discuss the week – whatever it may be, allow everyone in the house to be a part of knowing what to expect from the week ahead. 



This may sound very trivial but a lot of the time, when we get home it is our chance to catch up on social media, the news online, our friends, emails we have missed and the list goes on! 

When you get home, it is important that you have time in your evening, just to talk. No distractions. 

This will also allow the person that may be feeling anxious to feel comfortable sharing or just talking about what is bothering them, knowing they have your full attention and isn’t being ‘annoying’ whilst you try to check your phone. It also encourages everyone in the home to talk about their day and become reflective, which is something that we easily dismiss as ‘things just get in the way’. 

Ask questions and be actively involved in listening to the answers.


Create a safe space!

When you get home, it should excite you! You should have this feeling of comfort and relaxation around getting home and being at home. So, this is crucial to create and harness in your home. 

In my house we have 2 areas that just ooze comfort! Our living room has a separate chair that is nowhere near the TV and just on its own and it is the comfiest chair! 

In my office I have a space that is filled with plants, candles, flowers and yellow – THIS automatically calms me and reminds me of my purpose. 

In your home, do you have space and places that ooze comfort and have no distractions?

This is something you can create together, with your family, friends of partners. 

Plants are a great way to bring nature inside and detoxify your home, candles can promote comfort and warmth, pillows or blankets invite people to relax, so this doesn’t have to become a DIY job or break the bank but is a very simple way to make the home a safe haven and somewhere your loved ones look forward to coming home to and leave the stresses of the day behind. Genuinely. 



Allow the person to have time - if they ask for it, before you start talking about how they are feeling. Sometimes, we all just need a bit of time to cry, feel sorry for ourselves and just be the victim. This can actually helps release the emotions too. So allow your loved one time to just 'be' with their emotions, before coming up with solutions or reassurance. This time to compose is vital for anyone experiencing anxiety, especially if they ask for it. 

Sometimes, they won't want time, but if they do, it is important you honour that and let them go to their safe, cosy place in the home. 


I have so many other amazing tips, but for now – these 3 are your starting point! 

When someone experiences anxiety they need routines and they need continuity. Therefore, I invite you to use these 3 tips consistently and create new positive habits in your home. This will have a greater impact than you realise. 

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