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October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 12, 2018

October 5, 2018

September 21, 2018

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Thinking Big Enough?

October 22, 2018

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The Power Of A Facebook Group

August 20, 2018

Never under estimate the power of the online space. 


Facebook groups may seem to be 'all the range' BUT they play a huge part in business and growing a successful online brand. 


Your group can allow you access to;

People across the globe who you would never have connected with otherwise

Growth for your brand and business that you could never have done alone

Opportunities and exposure that would be restricted without these new avenues of connection and community 


Your facebook group is your chance to GROW, SHINE and THRIVE.

In business but also in your journey. 


Things I did to grow my group to over 1.5k in under a year (and create clients and income at the same time)


1. Be consistent with your content

Facebook groups can be seen as fun and a nice little way to connect with people. If you want your group to be seen as a business, full of information that is valuable and worth coming back for - you have to position it as that. 

I scheduled my lives for the same time each week, so my group knew when to tune in and what to expect. Again, this wasn't a group to just say 'hey' when I fancied, it was a group I wanted to grow and extend my reach of clients and community. 


2. Reach out to your community

If they have joined your group, they want to be there and if they don't - they will leave! 

Which you want. You don't want people in your group that will be inactive as this affects your algorithm and how facebook perceives your group too. 


So tag your members, talk to them, ask them questions, direct them to posts and videos. Instead of an email list - this is your way of driving your community to certain things inside your group. 


More often than not, they will thank you for helping them find all the value and content that they were waiting for and needed! 


3. Create challenges and tasks

Get your community connecting and talking. 

What can they do outside of the group and then report back to the group with?

Give them a reason to take your message outside of your group space and into their real worlds. 

Enrich their life outside of the group, so that they want to come back and share their wins with you! 


4. Create consistent visuals 

When someone comes into your group, if they see the same text/pictures for certain lives or content, it takes away the effect of feeling out of the loop or disengaged. 

So when they come back from a holiday and the same picture shows up again, it is familiar and leaves them feeling part of the community and in the know as to what that means. 

It also means when new members join, they see the consistency and stable environment you are creating. 

And again - not just a place to say 'hey'! 


5. Care

If you aren't willing to meet your community where they are at and connect with them in a way they need, then a group isn't for you. (Sorry.) 

A group isn't about you, its about them and what they need. What will they gain from your group and why do they need to be in it?

The group is their space and you are just facilitating their growth and allowing them to learn from you and start to shine. 


Care and the rest will shine through.



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