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October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 12, 2018

October 5, 2018

September 21, 2018

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Thinking Big Enough?

October 22, 2018

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Comparison-itis 101

July 30, 2018

Comparing ourselves to others comes so naturally! 

Why is it working for them?

They are so much more professional than I am.

I couldn't never do what they do.

When will it be my turn?


And the rest!


This insight is all about how to shift from comparison to compassion. 


Compassion is a huge factor in moving past comparison and allowing you to grow in your own confidence and abilities - STAYING IN YOUR LANE! 



I always find that when I compare with compassion it has a completely different feel and influence on me.


So here is what I want you to start doing - instead of just out right comparing and putting yourself down (something that just brings you down).


1. Ask yourself what you love about the other person

Focus on their goodness, focus on their strengths and how you can learn from them. 


If someone is great at public speaking, or going live, watch their lives and look at how they do it, what do you enjoy most? What traits do they have that you want to grow in yourself?

This is HUGE! 

Focus on their amazingness and how you can start to learn from it, instead of resenting them for being great! 


- Question to ask yourself;

What is it that I love about this person? 

How can I learn from them?


2. Speak as if

Don't focus on what you feel you lack or don't have. Speak it into existence. 


Start putting your thoughts and energy into where you want to get to and making this your new reality. 


'I am so excited to be seen by 200 people online.'

Rather than

'Why do I still only have 80 followers? This isn't worth it.'


Bring your attention and mind to the future you and start cultivating those thoughts, making them your new focus. 


Less lack - more abundance and grateful thinking! 


3. Who is it you are comparing to? 

Sometimes it will get to much or become overwhelming if you are looking at people too far ahead. 

If you are at step 1 and you are watching an influencer who has had their business for 5 years and fully established - you will feel worse about where you're at!


If you watch someone who still works part time and is 1 year in, you are much more likely to create a mindset of excitement and wonder and be open to what you could create and where you could be in 1 years time.


Make sure you are surrounding yourself and your energy with people that you can aspire to be like, not people who are too out of reach and too far away from where you are now. 


This can have the biggest detriment to you pursuing your dreams and just watching them grow theirs instead. 


4. Set your own goals and targets and celebrate them

If you reach your first 1,000 followers - celebrate! 

If you start a youtube channel and have 10 new subscribers in 1 day - enjoy the moment! 

If your Instagram picture is shared by someone new - great! 


Its not about other peoples successes, its about YOURS! 


Stay in your lane and enjoy the success that comes your way.


Its not about watching others and allowed their success to dim your own light - shine brightly and continue to shine in your own achievements. 


Love you all beautiful - you are amazing, never forget that !



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