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October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 12, 2018

October 5, 2018

September 21, 2018

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October 22, 2018

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Girl Boss Secret's, In Your 1st Year Of Business

July 14, 2018



In my first year of business I have; 


Written and been published in 8 mental health magazines

Spoken at 5 big events around the UK, with 4 more events booked in for the rest of this year

Build my online community from scratch

Created a podcast which had over 20k downloads in its first 3 months 

Been fully booked with 1;1 clients

Matched my monthly salary after 3 months - and sustained it! 

Won a National award and have been nominated for 5 more for later this year

Written and published my first book

Ran 5 successful online workshops 

Hired my very own assistant

Leaving my full time teaching job


And so much more!!! 


So now I want to give you some top tips for your first year as a girl boss;


1. Say YES

You cannot be too picky at the start. No-one knows you. You have to built that. 


If you have a client that wants a call with you at the weekend, at the beginning, you will need to do that. 

You have to build your reputation, build testimonials and show up consistently. 

If you really want this, you have to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way and MAKE IT WORK! 

Honestly, the longer you make excuses for, the longer will you stay exactly where you are. 


2. Try new things 

At the start things are brand new - everything is new! 

Even if you have an end result in mind or an end goal, you have to work towards that goal. That will involve trying new things. 

If you don't try anything new, you will never know what else is possible. 


If you are asked to be interviewed in a Facebook group - do it! 

If someone wants to collaborate with you on an E-Book they are writing and asks for your input - get stuck in! 

If you see an event that look interesting - go to it!


You won't be seen or grow, if you don't try new things and get yourself out there. 


3. Be strict

When you start out, it isn't quiet a business yet to your friends and family. It can still seem like a hobby something you are trying out. So if you cancel your lives, don't post your content, forget to do a blog post, so that you can go our for dinner or meet friends, then this will continue to be a hobby. 


You MUST MUST MUST be strict with your time and schedule in when you will get things done. Then do them! NO MATTER WHAT!


4. Connect with like-minded women

Seriously. When I say connect, I don't mean follow them and hope they follow you back. I mean genuinely connect with like-minded women and form relationships.


You will need people by your side who get it and are in the same boat as you. You can help each other learn and also help one another grow and be seen across more platforms. 


You could then so collaborations with them, share each others content, tag one another in posts - get yourselves out there together and learn the ropes as you go. 


5. Know your platforms

You cannot use instagram, facebook and Pinterest in the same way. Just like you can't use twitter and snapchat for the same reasons. 


Know your platforms and who is hanging out on them. What content works best and where? When do you get most engagement? Who are you talking to? How can you create conversation/curiosity?


6. Have goals

You must set yourself weekly, monthly and 6-monthly goals. Small, medium and longer time frame goals to work towards. 

Remember this isn't a hobby anymore, you want to grow and you want to thrive. SO having goals to meet and progress markers to hit, will encourage you to keep going on the days you feel meh and give you that extra focus and clarity you will need on this entrepreneurial journey. 


7. Be consistent 

It is no good having 3 days of amazing interaction and being on it, if you then take 5 days off. 

Remember at the beginning no-one knows who you are. 

You have to make them remember and force them to know who you are and what you do. 

That comes from showing up. 

You may do your post at the same time everyday. Your live at the same time each week. Your podcast upload on a schedule. Youtube videos on a schedule. Whatever it is - you have to be constant for your tribe to start to trust and engage with you. They need to know you're serious too. 


8. Give 

You cannot expect to convert clients and make millions in year one, unless you are willing to show up and give value to your audience first. 

What have you got that they need?

What content can you share to enrich their life? 

Give it and give it constantly. 

Make your audience want to learn from you, want to connect with you, make your tribe love you for your message and journey, before you go straight in for sales sales sales. 

Remember - you are new, no-one knows you. How will you build up trusting relationships? Create content and resources that your community will want, need and benefits from. 




It is worth it beautiful, you just have to show the universe and yourself how much you really want this. 




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