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October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 12, 2018

October 5, 2018

September 21, 2018

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Thinking Big Enough?

October 22, 2018

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3 Tips To Manage Social Anxiety

July 9, 2018

Being in new environments and places can trigger anxiety for some people. As well as crowds, meeting new people, parties, public speaking - any social event that seems uncertain or overwhelming is a huge contributor to the feeling or anxiety.


So many of my community and some of my 1:1 clients have had social anxiety and its something I want to give some quick tips and strategies, for you to all start using from right now.


1. Intention

Whatever the event or circumstance, before you enter into that setting, set yourself an intention and make that your focus and your WHY.

If you have a clear intention for WHY you are entering into that environment, it will also give you the reassurance you need when you start questioning 'why am I here?' 'what am I doing?'


It could simply be;

- I have to complete this meeting to close the deal

- It is my best friends 30th, so ill go and give her present and then leave before it gets to busy or chaotic

- I have to go into this busy train station to meet my partner for dinner, but if I need to get off 2 stops early I can walk the rest of the way


Set an intention and make this your focus


2. Focus on the facts

When we go or do something new, it is very easy to slip into the negatives and risks first. This can make us catastrophize and think the worst.

Before it gets to that point, focus on the facts.

There will always be an exit or way out.

You can always choose to leave and come back after 5 minutes.

You know 1 other person going.

The venue has amazing light, so I wont get lost.


The facts can be anything and everything. What do you know to be TRUE - not just a thought in your head. Bring yourself to find the truths in the situation.


3. People

If the people are the trigger for anxiety then break it down even further.

Think about your personality type and their personality type.

Who makes you feel more at ease and why? Gravitate toward those people.

If you know who and why certain people trigger you, before you spend time with them, protect yourself.

Talk to yourself before and give yourself the reassurance you need to be in their company.

'What they say is just an opinion'

'You only have to speak to them for 20 minutes'

'If they mention X, say you need the toilet'


Give yourself the tools to be pro-active and not reactive to the people that trigger the anxiety for you. Prepare yourself. Talk to yourself. Give yourself the tools you need to manage the situation, instead of the situation manage you.


I have so many more strategies and tips and would love for you to reach out with your specific questions and situations and offer you more support.



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