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October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 12, 2018

October 5, 2018

September 21, 2018

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Thinking Big Enough?

October 22, 2018

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Instagram Do's & Don'ts For Business

July 8, 2018

Right! Instagram...


This platform is HUGE for social media influencers and sharing your message with the world.

Being a social media influencer, author and speaker I have built my community organically and 100% on my own. 

So these tips come from a personal, as well as business perspective and I hope they can help you grow your instagram with the right people and build a trusting and positive community online. 




- Post multiple photos back to back

People need to engage and interact with you, if you post numerous photos one after the other, it will make it hard for your community to know what your message is and where to comment and talk to you. Give them time to see your posts and get involved. 


- Use it as a 'dear diary'

If you are using instagram as a well to share your message and become visible, this must be done in a a professional and consistent way. 

For me; posting about what I eat for dinner on my feed, is not relevant to my message and community. I could post that every now and then in my stories, but your feed must stay consistent with your message and business.  

You are now their aspiration, so you need to ensure your message and business is clear to your community. 


- Ignore your community

If you're amazing community comment, you must comment back. This isn't a numbers game, its a trusting and engaging way to build up your community. That will only happen if you interact with them. 


- Copy and Paste 

Your instagram is yours. Not someone else's and not a generic account. 

If you just post quotes that have been used by other people and you have found them online, it will be hard for your community to get to know YOU. 

Make sure YOUR account is YOURS. 

Show your true self, your personality, your face. Your community will get to know wand love you 100 times quicker. 





- Be consistent 

We all like to know where we stand! 

Show up and show up regularly and consistently. 


- Have a brand and stick with it

I love yellow and thats that! My branding will always follow my brand and me. Its's what my community expect and love too! 


- Be authentic 

Post genuine and candid shots, as well as professional. 

Who would you trust more? Someone you feel like you have got to know genuinely, or someone that you only see on a superficial, rigid level?

Be real and organic, as well as professional. 


- Have a plan and clear message

Your posts should evoke;





Make sure your posts do these 3 things and encourage your community to connect with you. 


- Use hashtags that are RELEVANT

Hashtags are there for a reason (and 30 hashtags too!) 

Use them and use them wisely.

Make them link to the photo and link to your message.

DON'T use the same hashtags on every post, if it doesn't suit your image or message. 


- Use stories

Stories are the fun, behind the scenes side of your social media and your community will love you even more! 

Show your informal side, your fun side, your relatable and honest side. Be yourself and use stories to showcase this. 





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