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October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

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September 21, 2018

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October 22, 2018

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3 Tips To Understanding Anxiety Better

July 6, 2018

3 Top Tips to understanding anxiety better


I am so passionate about this topic and shedding light on the relationship so many of us form with anxiety.

This article is positive, pro-active and will allow you to find simple suggestions and solutions to breaking down and understanding the emotion, anxiety, in a realistic and genuine way. 

Anxiety tends to hold such a dark could around it, and one, that so many of us feel is warranted. Anxiety is a daily struggle and experience for so many, in our everyday society and through this article I would love to open up your minds to a new way of seeing this emotion and also give you the opportunity to adopt a new perspective and slant on this ever growing emotion. 


  1.  Anxiety is JUST an emotion

With any emotion, it fades and returns in an organic fashion when something triggers that emotional response. For instance, when someone tells you a funny story or joke, you would laugh. Your triggered emotion is therefore, happiness and enjoyment. The laugh will fade and you will continue with your day and routines as normal. With anxiety however, this emotion holds so much power and control and sustains this intensity with great force. 

Allow yourself to view anxiety as just another organic emotion that should and can come and go with ease. The more attention, emphasis and attention you give to the emotion – the longer it will stay and the more impact it will have on your emotions, thoughts and behaviours. 


2. Anxiety is not taboo


It seems to be so common for those that experience anxiety to suffer and struggle in isolation and silence. 

Externalise your thoughts and allow your emotion to be heard, outside of your own head. As soon as you do this, I guarantee the power of the thought will begin to diminish. Our mind creates the power of a thought, not the thought itself. 

Take the anxiety out of your head and share it with a loved one, allowing the emotion and thought to naturally relinquish its hold on you and prevent you taken ownership for what the anxiety is trying to tell you. 


3. Feelings aren’t facts

Never forget that a feeling is just a feeling, until we place importance on it through experiences and background circumstance. 

Ask yourself;

Is this emotion or thought factual? 

Based on something I have felt before?

A repeated thought? 

Can you change the outcome through this worry?

Do not be driven by your anxious feelings, allow the true facts to help encourage grounding and refocus your mind on the present. Ask yourself questions about where you are, your surroundings and bring yourself back into the present moment and the factual space you are in. 

Your feelings only grow and hold power, when we acknowledge them as true. 


Remember these statements 

  • Anxiety does not define me

  • I don’t have to listen and believe the anxiety 

  • I choose to focus on the present moment and where I am right now

  • Anxiety is just another emotion, it will pass and fade just like any other

Anxiety does not have to dictate your happiness and life, when you have the tools and understanding to manage this emotion more effectively for you. 

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