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October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

October 22, 2018

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October 22, 2018

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How To Manage Your Anxiety

July 3, 2017




'A feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome' 


Anxiety can lay dormant for many years, until a trigger sets it free inside of us. We may even have displayed and felt some of the smaller symptoms of anxiety but never linked them to anxiety. 


There are so many different forms of anxiety;

Social anxiety 

Panic attacks

Separation anxiety 

Fear of judgement


To name just a few, but for whatever anxiety you may feel or be coping with, I believe that any of these techniques, tips and recommendations can help improve your current mental health and enhance a more positive mindset.




For me one of the most dominant symptoms I experienced was irrational thoughts and feelings, married with catastrophising. 


This then lead to some physical symptoms of sweating, dry mouth and the feeling of dehydration and restlessness - whether it be not being able to sleep at night time or not being able to sit still and focus in the daytime. 


Some of the minor symptoms I would be faced with was lack of appetite, no desire to socialize or make an effort with people around me and tiredness. 


The way your anxiety presents itself may be totally different - the key is to be brutally honest with yourself and identify when these feelings are your genuine personality and when they are fueled by anxiety. 


That way, you can depersonalize the emotions and make them tangible in your mind, so that you can take hold of them and gain control. 



One tried and tested techniques which I absolutely love is;


(Named by me!)


1. Colour association


So think of a colour that can have 3 phases. 


For instance mine is - Red, Pink, White. 

You could have thought of Navy, Sky Blue and White, 

Black, Grey, White 


It doesn't matter as long as the colours are your choice. 

These colours then become part of your everyday dialogue and conversation, whenever you need to discuss or mention anxiety. 


- The strongest colour would be when anxiety has taken hold of you emotionally and physically. 

- The middle colour is when you can identify that the signals are arising and starting to niggle. 

- The least dominant colour of when you feel completely at peace with your emotions and thoughts, just you. 


These colours will then act as a guide for your loved ones to be able to support and understand how you are feeling, without needing a full explanation from you every time. 





- It is normal to worry about some things 

- Your anxiety does not define you 

- Feelings are not facts 

- Positive grows positive and diminishes negatives 


If you would like more personal development surrounding anxiety - please download my FREE RESOURCE on anxiety.


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