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Public Speaking & Corporate Workshop Events


My talks and sessions are always fun, genuine, relatable and filled with simple and easy tips that you can take away and implement into your life from that very moment.

Public speaking events and workshops are a great way to share my insights and expertise and also allow the audience to be filled with support, encouragement and understanding of how we all experience our emotions and mental health in different ways but can still embark on the self-development journey together. 

s well as being an anxiety coach for women worldwide, on a 1 to 1 basis, I also have a range of ways that I impart and share the solutions that surround anxiety and empower others to feel and view their anxiety as a positive. 

Public Speaking Events; Exc. Of Travel Costs

  • 1 hour speaking and coaching session for up to 200 people

  • 2 hours speaking and coaching session for up to 400 people


All sessions will include interactive activities, engagement and have follow up tasks for all attendees to continue to grow and enhance their development, away from the sessions.

Corporate and School Workshops;

  • 3-hour workshop in the workplace for up to 100 people

  • 6-hour full day workshop for up to 150 people 


Topic Areas to Shape Your Event;

  1. 5 top tips to start managing anxiety in your everyday life 

  2. How to create a work-life balance that makes you truly happy.

  3. What does anxiety look and feel like for you – identifying anxiety early.

  4. How to be productive and feel positive whilst under pressure or stress.

  5. Strategies and techniques in combatting fear, the unknown and unpredictability using your mental health to your advantage and becoming a better person for it.

  6. How to manage your time to allow you to achieve more by doing less.

  7. Anxiety, Insecurity and Vulnerability – how you want to feel vs how you actually feel and how to change that right now.

  8. Finding your confidence and become assertive without making enemies or losing friends 

All speaking events and workshop events will be;

  • Tailored to your audience.

  • Focussed on the purpose and outcomes you would like to achieve from our time together.

  • Pitched with a genuine and human approach.

  • Slides will be produced for every session.

  • Workbooks and resources will (if requested be included at an additional cost).

  • Follow up sessions and resources can also be arranged to suit your workplace (at an additional cost).

  • All sessions will be personalised for you and your event, no talk or session is ever the same.

  • I provide a synopsis and breakdown of top tips for all attendees via email, so that after any event of speaking session they also have access to the topics and a platform to make further contact if they feel it necessary .


nxiety is something so many people experience and have no idea where it has come from or why them. 

These sessions will shed light on the fundamentals around the journey with and through anxiety and how anyone and everyone

can either experience anxiety themselves or be exposed to it, with loved ones or in their working environment. These sessions will give you the tools to start making positive changes from today and living with A Happier Mind.