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Lily pads go through life jumping from lily pad to lily pad and very rarely falling into the water. Ploppers however, spend a lot of time getting wet in the water and pulling themselves back up onto the lily pad to regain their balance and stability.


I would describe my life until my mid-twenties as a plopper, with a lot of challenges and hurdles along the way. However, I didn’t want to hold a pity party for myself and I didn’t want to get sucked into this way of living, which has made me into who I am today – passionate, positive and driven. 

I believe we can all become lily pads, or at least enhance a lily pad lifestyle through adapting a happy mind-set and positive outlook. 

I don’t want this journey to be about negativity and sadness, but a strong reminder that no matter what hardship you may be facing, there are tools and techniques to overcome them and continue on a happier path. 

hilst at university, myself and some friends came up with an analogy which I have been using ever since;

In life there are 2 types of people, lily pads and ploppers.


My parents decided to separate. This was my first big plopping moment, when I realised that reality was quiet different to my Disney movies and that my lifestyle would now change, but at 7, I didn’t know the full impact this would have on me until much later in my life (age 22.)


My Dad went in for a routine operation and sadly died unexpectedly. Considering he was my main carer after the separation, this was the moment that I truly know the big bad world was out there. It was as if my eyes had been opened and everything I thought of my world, was completely gone. Losing him changed me and I lost piece of my heart that day. Those feelings will never disappear but I have learnt to manage them in a completely different way, something I would love to share with anyone travelling on this journey.


I went to university and got in to my first choice with the A Level results I needed – something that to this day fills me with warmth and was the beginning of a new phase of my life. 

My Mum met a new man and started a relationship. This again, was unknown territory for me and something I struggled with – even as a young adult. New family dynamics can be hard and something we all cope with in our way but looking back now, I can see that it stemmed from old scars that had never been healed or had a chance to heal, as I just wanted to continue going through life with a smile on my face. 



My mum moved away and I became independent for the first time. Studying full time for my degree, as well as working part time and paying rent – these were all big changes in my life and responsibilities I now had to rise to. I am so grateful for this experience now, as hindsight is a wonderful thing, but I know how challenging it can be to have responsibilities ahead of a time you are ready for them – something I would love to explore further with anyone currently dealing with these stresses and share my tools of managing these. 


I met my now husband and my new best friend anxiety! I had found someone that made me laugh, feel secure and could see a real future with, which then erupted all of my childhood emotions of abandonment and fear that this wouldn’t last. Anxiety can catch us at any time and even when we feel at our happiest – this spurred me on to have counselling for 2 years and begin my journey in mindfulness and changing my mind-set. This is now one of my main passions – to share the tools, techniques and hands on ways I have turned my anxiety into a positive emotion and one I have true control over, not the other way round. I would absolutely love to talk and meet with you and share these in more depth, with your personal journey, to enable us all to become happier people and overcome these negative obstacles.  


I took control of my life and created this business. Life is for living and seizing opportunities when they come.

I was finally in control of my anxiety, my mind-set and had 'my ducks in a row!'

Now is the time to share my journey, experiences and knowledge with you, on your amazing self development journey - guiding you to the happiest mind-set and have the confidence to sustain this new positive way of living your life of yourself.

Along this journey I have graduated university with a first class honours degree in education. Created a successful career in teaching and the pastoral care system, allowing me to thrive in my vocation with great passion. Bought and moved into my second amazing home that I feel secure and stable. Sometimes being a plopper allows us to have true gratitude for the slices of perfection we have in our lives and we grow and learn in ways that only makes us stronger. 

We can all be a lily pad and create our own happiness and positivity in our lives – all we need is the right support, mind-set and beliefs to get there.