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Let's Kick Anxiety's Butt!

  • Do you need simple, actionable strategies that you can use, from right now, to help manage your anxiety better? 

  • Do you want to have a BFF that totally gets how your mind works and can reassure you that you’re not crazy? 

  • Do you want things broken down in everyday language so that you can actually understand where, why and how anxiety is working? 

  • Do you want to be given solutions and strategies, by someone that has tried them all (and many more) and knows what works? 

This book is going to give you; 

  • Fun 

  • Relatability 

  • Honesty 

  • Step by Step Actions 

  • Solutions and Strategies 

  • Motivation and Support 

But most of all, a friend. Someone who gets it, someone who has been there and felt the pain and struggle you are going through, and someone who has come out the other side – ready to tell the tale and share the secrets to happiness. 

If you are reading this, I know how you must be feeling and I promise you, things CAN and WILL change and I want to be there to make that happen with you. 
You are not alone. 
You are not crazy. 
You deserve to feel happy every day and that IS possible for you. 
Let’s Kick Anxiety’s Butt.

"This book is a must for those trying to combat anxiety in their lives. It’s packed full of great strategies. Worth every penny!"

"I love personal development books, but this is seriously something different. This book was SO HELPFUL because of how personal and interactive it was. It felt like the author was with you on your journey the whole time. My favourite part was the future you exercise, and since completing this book, I have been able to make some massive shifts around my limiting beliefs which has now lead to new success in my life and business. I would definitely recommend every female read this book!"

"A truly heartfelt, authentic, inspirational read! Samantha takes you on a journey of self-discovery; giving you practical steps to help you to move towards being the version of you, living your best life and all done in a gentle and loving way.
Definitely worth the purchase price, a book you will revisit time and time again."