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I am so passionate about sharing experiences that will help you grow and develop in your mind-set, but also in your lifestyle. Leaving you feeling happy, confident and excited for what actions you can take next.


I dedicate a lot of time to my own self-development and believe this is key for a positive, happy mind-set, as it allows quality time and space to focus on and listen to what our mind and body need. 

I hope you enjoy the articles and topics I will cover from; book reviews, events I have attended, interviews with amazing people, retreat reviews, tools and techniques, hands on experiences – the works! I hope to see you back here on a regular basis for the new content I will share.

his page is all about adding knowledge and positivity to your life. We impact others by living our best life and nurturing our emotions and mind. 

22 Oct 2018

Why is it important to always have new goals?

How does having a vision board actually make an impact?

Which goals are better than others?

How far ahead do you aim for when setting my goals?

Let’s just get straight to the point – the more time you spend focussed on where yo...

22 Oct 2018

Right – THIS is something I am BEYOND passionate about. 

If you have followed me, are part of my group or just been here since the beginning, you will know that when I first started A Happy Mind I was a full-time secondary school teacher, working 10-hour days Monday to...

22 Oct 2018

I get asked this question all the time!

  • How do you keep coming up with content ideas?

  • Do you read lots to get your content?

  • Does it just come to you?

  • How do you know people will like it?

  • How do you re-purpose your content?

  • Is it hard to keep...

22 Oct 2018

Are you trying to be the big fish in a small pond or the small fish in a big pond?

This mindset is key for your personal growth but also your business growth. 

Here is how I see it;

Your first year of business is something like this;

(If you resonate with this – comment or...

22 Oct 2018

When becoming a coach, we all start with 0 clients. Just like anything, you have to start at the beginning and you have to start out from scratch – otherwise, how would we ever learn?! 

This is exactly the same as any other new thing you begin and can be daunting, scary...

13 Oct 2018

As a social media influencer, cultivating community is HUGE, but it does take time and strategy to do this properly. 

Your community become your vital family and you need to treat them like you would your actual friends and family - because they are real people too! 


12 Oct 2018

The magic questions so many people ask me! 

How do you get clients all the time?

How do you get fully booked without constantly selling?

How can you sell but not be too 'salesy?'

First things first - you cannot go into business focussed on the money, you have to focus on t...

12 Oct 2018

Being successful doesn't happen overnight (or if it does, it is rarely sustainable). 

So I want to share 3 top tips that get you thinking with your success mindset as often as possible. 

How can you welcome success and abundance into your thinking?

Do you focus on gr...

5 Oct 2018

Here goes!! 

Dear Diary, 

I actually cant believe it. I cant believe how different my life is now. I cant believe I can even sit here on a MacBook typing this! In my yellow chair, in MY office... MY OFFICE! Life is just so different now. 

I often look back and talk about...

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