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I am so passionate about sharing experiences that will help you grow and develop in your mind-set, but also in your lifestyle. Leaving you feeling happy, confident and excited for what actions you can take next.


I dedicate a lot of time to my own self-development and believe this is key for a positive, happy mind-set, as it allows quality time and space to focus on and listen to what our mind and body need. 

I hope you enjoy the articles and topics I will cover from; book reviews, events I have attended, interviews with amazing people, retreat reviews, tools and techniques, hands on experiences – the works! I hope to see you back here on a regular basis for the new content I will share.

his page is all about adding knowledge and positivity to your life. We impact others by living our best life and nurturing our emotions and mind. 

31 Aug 2018

This is something that I get asked about a lot. When you live with another person, whether that be your children, partner or friend, the dynamics of the house hold environment change to when you may live on your own.

When you share space with other people it becomes muc...

30 Aug 2018

Being an award-winning anxiety coach, as well as a qualified secondary school teacher, anxiety and teenagers have gone hand in hand in my career for the past 10 years. 

Putting the two of these expertise together, I wanted to provide the parents some support as to how b...

23 Aug 2018

Firstly, fear of being seen online does not make you weak or any less of a girl boss! Its just a mindset shift we need to make. 

These simple steps are going to;

Boost your confidence in your message

Allow you to fully embrace sharing your message  

Not focus on the f...

21 Aug 2018

Work-Life Balance

When building you empire, you might still have a full-time job. (I've been there too)!

So these simple steps are some the ways you can achieve work-life balance, and still get everything done. 

 We hear it being used so often in the work place, to ensure...

20 Aug 2018

Never under estimate the power of the online space. 

Facebook groups may seem to be 'all the range' BUT they play a huge part in business and growing a successful online brand. 

Your group can allow you access to;

People across the globe who you would never have connected...

20 Aug 2018

You don't have to pay for ads.

You don

't have to be seen by millions. 

You don't have to be best at everything to get yourself out there. 

You don't have to have thousands of followers before you start making money. 

Building a business has never come at a better time! You...

5 Aug 2018

How to use grounding and nature to;

- Calm your mind

- Reduce anxiety

- Bring balance into your life

What is grounding?

Grounding, to me spending time, is spending time in nature and finding your calm. Grounding is a technique that people use to find balance and stability i...

3 Aug 2018

This is something I talk about A LOT!

There is a podcast episode about calming your mind at bedtime;


and also a facebook live on this topic too;


So now I wanted to share it with y...

2 Aug 2018

Right, first things first, you can't and won't please everyone. 

There is nothing you can do to change than and eventually you will not want to change that either. 

Your unique qualities are what make you who you are and make you stand out online to the tribe that loves...

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