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I am so passionate about sharing experiences that will help you grow and develop in your mind-set, but also in your lifestyle. Leaving you feeling happy, confident and excited for what actions you can take next.


I dedicate a lot of time to my own self-development and believe this is key for a positive, happy mind-set, as it allows quality time and space to focus on and listen to what our mind and body need. 

I hope you enjoy the articles and topics I will cover from; book reviews, events I have attended, interviews with amazing people, retreat reviews, tools and techniques, hands on experiences – the works! I hope to see you back here on a regular basis for the new content I will share.

his page is all about adding knowledge and positivity to your life. We impact others by living our best life and nurturing our emotions and mind. 

30 Jul 2018

Comparing ourselves to others comes so naturally! 

Why is it working for them?

They are so much more professional than I am.

I couldn't never do what they do.

When will it be my turn?

And the rest!

This insight is all about how to shift from comparison to compassion. 


30 Jul 2018

Facebook can seem like such a mindfield! Tags, lives, posts, photos, locations, groups, business pages - the list goes on and the opportunity to utilise and leverage your business using facebook is forever expanding. 

I am going to share 5 top tips of how to get started...

24 Jul 2018

Today I had an interview with a National Award Company! 

I know! I am so excited! 

Before the interview I had to take some tests online and one of those was a psychometric test. Lots of statements, scenarios and questions I has to respond with only a choice of 6 statemen...

23 Jul 2018

Time Management.

Something so many people talk about, read about, hear about, but not something everyone actually implements.

So I want this insight to be all about TAKING ACTION, being a GAME CHANGER and MAKING IT HAPPEN!! 

There is a real difference between intention an...

17 Jul 2018

 Here I am in my car!!! Yep - had to include this!

Travel anxiety and anxiety around driving are 2 areas I see a lot in my coaching business and I want to give you some quick mindset shifts and simple thought processed you can put in place to reframe the situation.


14 Jul 2018

In my first year of business I have;

Written and been published in 8 mental health magazines

Spoken at 5 big events around the UK, with 4 more events booked in for the rest of this year

Build my online community from scratch

Created a podcast which had over 20k downloads i...

9 Jul 2018

Do you say yes to everything and everyone?

Worry that if you don't do something, you wont be invited again?


Overthink everything when you have to 'let someone down?'

YEP! I know that feeling lovely!

People pleasing takes a lot of effort, energy and time - all thin...

9 Jul 2018

Being in new environments and places can trigger anxiety for some people. As well as crowds, meeting new people, parties, public speaking - any social event that seems uncertain or overwhelming is a huge contributor to the feeling or anxiety.

So many of my community an...

8 Jul 2018

How do you know who to talk to?

What if you put people off?

How will you get clients if you're too specific?

I want to help everyone so what do I do?

Right now ladies - these are all so common and very valid fears and questions. 

Having a niche and being confident with...

8 Jul 2018

 Anxiety can be triggers by alcohol for a lot of people and this is something I want to touch on.

In this insight I want to share some of my top tips to enjoying myself and still not putting myself at risk of anxiety and an anxiety attack. 

 1. Only h...

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